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Ex Libris at Millay!

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I am the very grateful recipient of an artist residency at the Millay Colony for September 2020, and I am using the time to read my grandfather’s diaries, which, after a years long process, have all been translated, first typed from an archaic German writing that few people can read these days, and then either read aloud and transcribed, or translated directly to the page into English.

Reading on Sept 17, 2020, I discovered Marco’s very first exlibris commission, 107 years ago, on September 18, 1913. He writes:

 “Yesterday I visited Rosenberg, an academic artist in his studio. A young, aspiring fellow who does commendable work and has a future. He is drawing me an Exlibris.”

I’m having a very interesting immersion into life in pre World War I Vienna and Novosilitzia. Soon I will approach WWI, the siege of Przemysl, Marco’s years as a prisoner of war, and his escape.

Marco Birnholz’s first exlibris